Lyft - $35 Off Ride Sharing

Lyft - $35 Off Ride Sharing
Lyft - $35 Off Ride Sharing
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$41.67 88% $36.67

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The Fine Print

$5 for $40 Worth of Ride Sharing ($10 Off Up to Four Rides) from Lyft


    • Lyft requests can only be made from insides your city’s coverage area. Most of the coverage areas include the city, and surrounding areas.
    • Take a Lyft outside of the coverage area as long as the ride doesn’t exceed a distance of 100 miles total.
    • Lyft doesn’t expect drivers to cross international borders, drivers have the right to deny passenger requests.
    • Most vehicles can seat up to 4 passengers
    • Children under 17 are not permitted to ride alone
    • Pets allowed at drivers discretion
    • Handicap access available with accessible vehicle dispatch using cars outfitted to accommodate wheelchairs

The Company

Lyft, Inc.